The heart rate display is not correct, why?

  • Perhaps the sensor contact surfaces of the chest strap are not moistened
  • Check the chest strap for firmer positioning around the chest
  • Also check the battery
  • It is not advisable to simultaneously use the heart rate monitor and a radio bicycle computer, as the signals from the bicycle computer transmitter can cause functional errors with the heart rate monitor
  • Signals from other chest straps in the vicinity of less than 2metres / 6foot 6 inch may cause incorrect values


i have had similar problems with my C536X. Goes from reading normally eg resting HR at 62 and suddenly beeping and saying it is over 150.

Nowhere near another similar monitors. chest strap tightened and moist. Indeed today is humid in spain, so contact not in doubt.

What thoughts - to solve?

Peter Jones (7/12/2019 at 1:32 PM)