Why is the heart rate monitor not displaying a heart rate?

Please check the chest strap. Possible error sources are:
  • The chest strap is not placed correctly
  • The skin is too cold or too dry
  • The sensor contact surfaces are not moistened or are dirty
  • Atmospheric or radio interferences occur, eg. From high-voltage lines (above or below ground), overhead cables, electric motors, car motors, mobile phones, aircraft, etc.
  • Battery in chest strap is too weak – please replace
  • Distance to the chest strap from the watch is too large (max. 60cm / 2ft)
  • Signals from other chest straps in a vicinity of less than 2 metres (6ft 6inch) can cause incorrect values.


until recently the system worked fine. Occasionally I have had to change strap battery with no issues. Now the monitor and strap do not appear to be transmitting/receiving. I have changed batteries in monitor and strap, still not working. Many thanks for your time. Alan
Alan Fish (9/10/2018 at 4:31 AM)