The pedometer is not calculating the correct distance walked

If the CSX 3D pedometer is registering more (or less) miles than walked through your journey you will need to check the stride length setting.
The CSX Pedometer will track your number of steps accurately, but it calculates the distance travelled based on your stride length.
If you find that the pedometer has measured a distance longer than you actually walked you will need to reduce the stride length set in the pedometer. If for instance you are doing a lot of hill walking you may be using a shorter stride length than the one you set, if you have a mixture of hills and flat walking you may need to find an average stride length to use. If you are running, it's likely the stride length will need to be increased.
To change your stride length on the CSX 3D Pedometer visit this page:


I'm trying to get the pedometer to work correctly, however, every time a stop, it adds ten paces. I realize that this is an auto correcting feature but every single time that I stop for just a second, it adds the ten steps. I'll walk for maybe 20 steps and it registers 78 steps. What am I doing wrong? By the way, I've got the device properly counting the first ten steps (I've adjusted the stride length). But every time that I stop (and walking long distances with frequent stops is a requirement for my work) the device adds all those steps. Thank you for your prompt response.

Christopher Zimmon (9/17/2015 at 6:16 PM)
Thank you for the question, it's best to contact us direct by sending a support ticket with questions like this so that we can respond to you quickly within a few hours. - If you are walking 20 steps and it is registering 78 the pedometer could possibly be faulty.

Would it be possible to do a test walk for 400 steps and see if the pedometer is counting them correctly?

Please could you place the pedometer clipped inside your pocket so that it does not move around and walk for 400 steps down your street and manually count the steps, then compare if the pedometer has recorded the correct number of steps. - If it is not counting them correctly it should be obvious, for instance 600 or 200 steps.

Let us know the results of the 400 step test by sending a support ticket and we can then help you further if the pedometer is faulty.

Lee (9/28/2015 at 12:37 AM)