Where can I download the “Walk Yourself Fitter!” eBook Bonus?

The link to download the “Walk Yourself Fitter!” eBook is provided on the front page of the instructions included in the box. We have not made the link public as it is only available to CSX 3D Pedometer customers.

If you have lost your instructions and need the link, please contact us and we will send it to you.
Walk Yourself Fitter! – Ebook by Patrick Dale
To get the most from using your pedometer and to get active walking every day it’s important to stay motivated and know how to slowly build up your fitness levels without causing injuries. Patrick Dale, renowned fitness writer, ex-marine, fitness trainer and author of three fitness books has written an eBook especially for CSX pedometer customers. The book is designed to help you get the most from walking and is suitable for all fitness levels. It includes how to get started walking, warming up and cooling down exercises, how to make progress, how to avoid and treat injuries, staying motivated, nutrition, clean eating, and taking your walking to the next level.