LCD screen display is showing abnormal strange characters / not displaying correctly

If the LCD display is not displaying correctly and showing abnormal characters, please perform a “SYSTEM RESET.”


Use the SYSTEM RESET function in the following situations:
  • When the batteries are being replaced
  • When the display becomes unrecognizable
  • When pressing any keys have no actions
Press the “SYSTEM RESET” button on the back of the unit with a pin or paper clip. The display will revert to its default settings.
WARNING: all data stored in MEMORY and the set data (time, weight, and stride length) will be erased. You will need to set the time, weight and stride length again.
LCD may show some faint background digits on pedometer with new battery
The LCD may show some faint background digits. This is normal because of a fresh battery. This will disappear when the battery drops to normal operating voltage.